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Hey, I’m Geno Miller.

For nearly 10 years, I, Geno Miller as a diversity recruiting expert, have been facilitating heartfelt, truthful conversations with techies, entrepreneurs, VCs, Fortune 100 recruiters, universities, and more about effective ways to bridge the racial wealth gap in America. I believe that helping Black, Indigenous, and People of Color land more tech jobs is the fastest way to do that.

The #1 question tech recruiters want to know is: What works?

What works in hiring? What works in recruiting? What works in marketing? What works to save time and increase productivity? What works to build an authentic connection with candidates in the pipeline? What works to innovate more, retain more, and drive more revenue?

Of course, the answer is “it depends.”

It ain’t sexy,  but it’s real.

What works for one company or recruiter might not work for another. And the same goes for you who may be searching for a job. The key is discovering what works for you. To help you do just that…

I co-founded Shtudy

Shtudy is an online career matchmaking platform that trains and connects top tech talent of color with companies striving to increase diversity and innovation.

Shtudy, a platform for diversity recruiting: co-founded by Geno Miller

If you’re looking to diversify your team and create a more inclusive workplace, we are the perfect choice for your diversity recruiting needs. With our experience and expertise, we can help you build a more diverse and successful company.

As a diversity recruiting expert, I know the importance of creating an inclusive and equitable workplace. I can help companies build stronger, more diverse teams by implementing effective strategies for sourcing, recruiting, and hiring underrepresented groups.

I am passionate about helping companies increase diversity in their workforce and understand that this is not only a moral imperative but also a business one.

in Shtudy We help both passive and active candidates develop the skills necessary to pass crush coding interviews at companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, and more.

Our candidates don’t just pass the interviews, they go on to thrive at their new workplaces. And if they ever consider moving on to a new job at any point in their careers, we help them along the process. The Shtudy candidates usually land a new job within a few days.

You can also follow along on my personal journey as a social entrepreneur, athlete, creator, speaker, and son on Instagram. To know more about me, you can read my about page.

Let’s keep in touch.

Occasionally, I send out some thoughts, announcements, or insights on what I see working for software engineers, job seekers, and tech recruiters. I’d love to send it to you too and hear back from you when something really helps you out. Are you in for the Geno Miller newsletter?

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